Worldwide sales of Toyota hybrids reach 10 million

Worldwide sales of Toyota hybrids reach 10 million

Toyota’s cumulative worldwide hybrid vehicle sales passed the 10 million mark* on 31 January 2017. More than just a numerical milestone, this achievement demonstrates the staying power of a technology that is emerging as a mainstream choice for helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants.

Helping to reduce the environmental impact of automobiles has long been a priority for Toyota. Believing that environmentally efficient vehicles can only truly make a significant, positive impact if they are widely used, Toyota has encouraged the mass-market adoption of hybrids around the world.

Toyota’s hybrid technology was first deployed in the Coaster Hybrid EV coach in August 1997, followed in December the same year by the original Prius, the world’s first mass-produced hybrid passenger car. Since then, Toyota’s hybrids have enjoyed growing popularity: the latest one million sales have been recorded in just nine months. There are currently 33 different Toyota and Lexus hybrid models worldwide and the technology is available to customers in more than 90 countries and regions.

UK hybrid sales
In the UK, sales of Toyota and Lexus hybrid models have surpassed a quarter of a million since Prius was first sold here in 2000. Today there are seven Toyota hybrids on sale, a choice that most recently grew to include the new C-HR Hybrid crossover.

Prius and Toyota’s environmental focus
Prius was Toyota’s response to growing global environmental concern about greenhouse gas emissions. The car’s development team was convinced that, whatever the results of their efforts, the development of a hybrid vehicle was essential and they had to do what was necessary, not simply what was possible. Prius proved popular and became a by-word for an ‘environmentally friendly’ vehicle.

Toyota estimates that, as of 31 January this year, the use of Toyota hybrid vehicles** in place of petrol-powered vehicles of similar size and performance, has results in approximately 77 million fewer tonnes of CO2 entering the atmosphere and has saved around 29 million litres of petrol***.

* Including plug-in hybrids
** Excluding Coaster Hybrid EV and Quick Delivery 200
*** Toyota calculation based on the number of registered vehicles × distance travelled × fuel efficiency (actual fuel efficiency in each country) × CO2 conversion factor

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