The All-New Camry makes a visit to Beadles Toyota Maidstone!

We're delighted to be able to announce that all our customer facing staff have today, completed their in house training for the All-New Toyota Camry. Due to launch officially later this year, it has class leading hybrid and technology features as standard and everyone has been truly amazed at just how competitive the car will be when launched. 

Jim Ogilvie, Head of Business, said 'We were very excited to have the All-New Toyota Camry at Beadles Toyota Maidstone for one day! We know how successful it will be when it officially launches and we wanted to be prepared for any customers that may have interests or queries on the build-up to launch day. The All-New Camry will fuse with character, elegance and will provide a driving experience that we have yet seen.'

We would like to thank Toyota GB and our trainer Charlie Butler-Henderson for their support given earlier. We can't wait to show customers the car in as close a detail as we were lucky to have today!

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