The Facts about Toyota Hybrid

Toyota has been at the forefront of hybrid car technology after introducing the pioneering Prius to the world in 1997. Since then, the hybrid engine has evolved, bringing the benefits of power and mileage like a petrol engine. The range of Toyota cars now extends from a fun hatchback to an adventurous SUV to suit everyone's driving experience.

The Facts about Hybrid: 

  • All hybrid engines consume less fuel and emits lower CO2 emissions
  • There are different hybrid engines, including plug-in hybrid and self-charging hybrid
  • Choosing hybrid does not mean you need a power supply to charge your car
  • The two engines work together -  Choosing a hybrid car gives you the best of both worlds, switching effortlessly between electric and petrol when needed

Why you will love Toyota Hybrid:

  • The world’s first and most refined hybrid vehicles
  • Low running costs including low servicing costs & maintenance
  • No compromise on car model specification
  • All new Toyota Hybrid batteries carry a five-year or 100k mile warranty, whichever comes first

Whether you would like the benefits of the low maintenance costs or you are looking for a car that is easy to drive, the Toyota Hybrid range offers a wide range of cars to suit your needs.  

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